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*Director Paul Kvislen


Adding an additional user to an account

You can add an additional user to be linked to a single account! An invite can be sent through email to be added to an account, where the additional user will have their own username and password to access the account. This will allow multiple users to get updates, view payments, and volunteer while linked to one account but still have a separate login.

To add an additional user, you can add them as an additional contact while initially creating an account, as a volunteer during registration, or add them later from your My Account Screen > Edit Account Info>>Add Additional Account Holder

While creating a new user, you will have the option to enter in an additional contact.

The additional user will receive an email where they can accept the invite to the account. They will then be prompted to make their own Username and Password and create a new account to be linked as an additional user.

To re-send an invite to the additional user, cancel the invitation to the additional user, or invite an additional user at a later time, go to account settings>>edit account info in the top right corner of the My Account screen.

You will then be able to resend an invite, cancel the invite, or invite another user.

Please note, you can invite more than one additional user to your account.  If the additional user does not accept the invite and create a new username/password, the additional user will still receive Team and Schedule communication from your organization.


2024 Kindred Youth Baseball 
Board of Directors

Paul Kvislen | President
Josh Allmaras | Vice President
Todd Wold | Treasurer
Darin Gronwold | Secretary

Nick Eggmann
Dan Nathan
Jim Pearson
Andy Westby
Mike Bernier


Kindred Baseball Association financial statements and tax returns available upon request at [email protected]